Innovative CPD

Expert-led content

Expert-Led Content

Each course is crafted by industry-leading authorities, providing learners with valuable 'Expert Insights' and access to specialised knowledge.


CPD Accreditation

We work with our authors to gain CPD accredited for all courses, providing learners with assurance that their learning meets high standards of quality and relevance for professional development.


Empowerment for Experts

Collaborate with us to transform your expertise into formally accredited CPD courses. Benefit from industry recognition, remuneration for sales, and our full support in course development and marketing.

Rapid proficiency building

Rapid Proficiency Building

Our focused courses respect professionals' busy schedules while delivering valuable insights and expertise, enabling timely skill and knowledge development.


AI-Powered Assessment

What2Learn employs cutting-edge AI technology to provide participants with detailed feedback, enhancing the learning experience.

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CPD Training

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Why Partner With Us?


Generous Royalties

Earn substantial royalties for every sale of your course, reflecting the expertise and quality you bring to the table. Unlike other providers, we do not engage in pricing gimmicks or bundling tactics that devalue your hard work.

Rapid proficiency building

Transparent Earnings Tracker

Utilize our affiliate gateway to track sales of your courses and manage your own payment of royalties.


Recognition of Expertise

Gain industry recognition as an authority in your field by authoring CPD-accredited courses. We will fund and manage the process of gaining CPD-accreditation for you.

Technical and artistic support

Technical Support

No need for technical expertise; we handle the development of interactive elements, visual aesthetics, hosting, account creation, and payments.


Marketing Assistance

We will work to push your course to reach the right audience through targeted marketing efforts, maximizing its visibility and impact.

Who We Are

With 20 years of experience, What2Learn are seasoned providers of innovative and award-winning educational solutions.

Our journey has seen us develop and deliver CPD-accredited training programs that have been embraced by tens of thousands of professionals.

At our core, we are developers and hosts of large-scale Learning Management Systems, committed to facilitating seamless and effective learning experiences. We pride ourselves on our passion for delivering high-quality, no-waffle learning solutions that empower individuals and organizations to thrive in their respective fields.

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