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ICT / Computing

Published on January 13th, 2015 | by What2Learn


Turtle Art

Turtle Art is a free software tool created by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The outputs of this tool are essentially the same as Turtle Academy in that pupils will control the movement of a turtle around the screen to create shapes and in doing so develop their knowledge of algorithms, iteration, etc. The difference between the tools comes in the form of user input. Unlike the text-based input systems of Turtle Academy and other Logo-based tools, Turtle Art allows the user to build up sets of instructions through clicking and dragging blocks. As such Turtle Art provides an excellent bridging activity between Turtle Academy and the graphical user interface employed when programming using Scratch.

Shortened URL to download Turtle Art: //goo.gl/qVeUF

Preparation for delivery

Unlike Turtle Academy, Turtle Art is piece of software rather than a web tool. As such it will need to be installed on the school network and made available to pupils. As with anything you would teach to a class it is essential that you have a strong understanding to enable you to resolve any difficulties pupils may face and to have ideas for extension tasks for more able pupils. This will require you to complete the following tasks yourself prior to the lessons.

Suggested deliveryturtle art

Length of unit: 2 lessons

  • Lesson One: Programming with a graphical user interface.
  • Lesson Two: An introduction to functions.

Lesson One

In this lesson students will be presented with a series of challenges to overcome. These are designed to both enable them to apply their logo skills but also to provide them with an opportunity to demonstrate independent skills in grasping new software tools.

Lesson Two >>

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