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Published on February 26th, 2012 | by What2Learn


Top five free Mathematics games

Mathematics Icon

The following games are the top five most played Mathematics games at What2Learn. They are free to play and we hope you enjoy them.

We have thousands more interactive learning games available. Please see our video demo to see the full features of this award-winning games-based learning resource.

You can also make your own games – see the bottom of the page for details.

Underwater times tables

1. Santa and the Great Toy Roundup

OK, so there is a slight seasonal slant to this game… That doesn’t stop it being a really fun and effective game for developing skills in multiplication and addition.

Play it here>>

Underwater times tables

2. Underwater Times Tables

One of our oldest Mathematics games, but still highly popular and often the most visited game on individual days. Learners can pick a times table to focus on and then see questions in normal or random order.

Play it here>>

Underwater times tables

3. Shark Attack! Estimating angles game

In a slight role-reversal to the norm, in this game learners take on the role of the shark and must estimate the correct number of degrees to turn in order to catch the swimmer.

Play it here>>

Underwater times tables

4. Tank Game – Angles in triangles

A battle between tanks which tests learners’ ability to calculate the angles in triangles from the information provided. Playable as one or two players.

Play it here>>

Underwater times tables

5. Fractions to decimals snap!

A snap game with a twist… Themed as a Wild West shootout, react quickly when the fractions and decimals match in order to win the shootout.

Play it here>>

Make your own games!

Anybody can quickly and easily make thirty different kinds of interactive learning games with our game creator. See our YouTube demo of these games here or access our game creator here.

Game creator

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