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Published on November 15th, 2010 | by What2Learn


Top 10 reasons to sign up for What2Learn

1. It really does raise achievement
W2L has been developed, tested and refined over many years of being actually used in schools. This has led to a proven track record of leading to tangible improvements in exam results, something that resulted in a national award recently.

2. Huge range of game types
Unlike some online learning tools that only provide drag and drop exercises or multiple choice tasks, What2Learn has an unmatched range of game types to develop and enhance student understanding and literacy in a range of ways. These include Q&A, long answer, anagram games, crosswords, image labeling and many more. All are presented in fun colourful ways that will mean the students will barely even notice they are learning as they battle zombies, race through 3D mazes, etc.

W2L learning games

Shutterstock_boy3. It reduces your marking
Teacher workloads are continually growing. W2L provides a means of fighting against this tide. All student attainment is automatically recorded – all you need to do is log in and use the easy reporting tools to see how your classes are doing. View all results by one student, or all students to have attempted a certain activity.

4. It makes a great homework activity
Direct your students to a specific activity or group of activities to do outside lesson time. The following lesson you will be able to show a report showing how that class got on with the activity set at the click of a couple of buttons. No marking needed but an instant display of who should be rewarded (or not).

5. It makes a great plenary activity
Spare ten minutes at the end of a lesson? W2L provides a great way of allowing students to develop and demonstrate their understanding of what has been covered in the lesson and provides you with instant assessment data.
6. Huge quantity of ready-made content
There are thousands of ready-made learning activities within the system and the number is growing all the time. You will find that most subject areas are covered.

7. Students will love the in-built rewards
W2L provides a range of exciting and engaging in-built rewards that will keep your students coming back for more and completing more and more of the learning games. These include designing and developing their own online character and even running their own farm. The more learning games they complete the more credits they will have to spend on their character or their farm. Learn more.

crop scarecrow farming clipart cartoon Farmer Karma What2Learn

Shutterstock_girl8. Bring an element of competition to your class
W2L students can set themselves up in a league to compete against their friends. They will be able to track how many games each friend has completed, and what activities they have been playing.

9. Quickly and easily make your own learning games
W2L may already have thousands of ready-made activities, but why not create tasks specific to the requirements of your own class. Simply select the game engine you want, provide the questions and answers and your game will be instantly made. Sit back while the scores of your students role in to your teacher account.

10. Students can access all learning games for FREE!
With two levels of access (Premium and Free), all students can gain full access to the system quickly and easily. Who doesn’t love something that is free? We think that hundreds of hours of learning fun is quite some offer!

Sign up now!

Don’t take our word for it…

“What 2 Learn is a website offering more than two thousand educational games for middle school and high school age students. What makes What 2 Learn particularly useful though is the capacity for teachers to create accounts in which they can monitor their students’ scores.”
Free Technology for Teachers

“The games are fun and easy to play and can be tailored very precisely to what you wish your children to learn or revise.”
The Robert Drummond Blog

“I came across this site while looking for ideas in teaching vocabulary and absolutely had a blast while playing here. They are just the type of goofy games my high school students like.”
To Blog or Not to Blog… and other tech musings

“…fantastic, award winning games based learning website… I cannot wait to explore its full potential.”
Digital Media Workshops

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