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Published on January 23rd, 2014 | by What2Learn


The -ies endings WAR

This game was created for children learning about plural words ending -ies. This is a stopic covered at stage five phonics. At this stage children will learn about how to make the plural of words that end with a ‘y’ by removing the ‘y’ and replacting it with ‘ies’. However, this hangman-style activity contains some fairly complex words and may be more suited to KS2 and even KS3 children. In this game the child will have to guess at eight words that end -ies. For those struggling, pressing the ‘more’ link underneath the game will display the eight words in the hangman activity.

This activity will be of use in English and Literacy lessons or at home for children seeking to enhance their understanding in a fun way.

The game was created by a visitor to What2Learn using our game maching tool. To create your own learning game click the ‘make a game’ link at the top of the page. This activity was described by it’s creator as follows:

How much fun combining both of our favorite things, Star Wars and Hangman. And it is better because you can practice spelling too!


To view the words included in this phonics game click the ‘more’ link below:

More »









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The -ies endings WAR What2Learn
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