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Published on March 25th, 2014 | by GameMaker


Synonym Shoot

Students in 3rd grade ESL will try to guess the correct SYNONYMS or ANTONYMS for the blanks of the sentences. They should know basic adjectives and verbs in the curriculum, and they should continue writing after this.

Questions in this game include:

SYNONYM: Students who are very ________ (SMALL) are good at hide-and-seek.
ANTONYM: If you know how to run________ (SLOWLY) you can win a race.
SYNONYM: The writing of the student is _________ (AMAZING)
ANTONYM: If you are ________ (EARLY) for class, you will have a bad note home.
ANTONYM: Please keep your English books _____ (ON) your desk when we are not using them.
ANTONYM: Pass your paper to the person who sits ________ (IN FRONT OF) you.
SYNONYM: My brother was really _______ (ANGRY) that I took his favorite toy without his permission.
ANTONYM: Your birthday is tomorrow! You must feel very _______ (bored)

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