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ICT / Computing

Published on March 23rd, 2014 | by GameMaker


Standard Document Format

The author of this ICT game provided the description shown.

Aimed at students who have a low level of computer literacy and familiarity with navigating Microsoft Word and formatting for a standard essay. Students should be given the correct information in guided notes or other handout before being assessed using this game. Students should move on to creating their own documents after playing this game.

Questions in this game include:

  • What is the standard font size?
  • To change to the standard font, what should you type in the font box before pressing enter?
  • How many times should you hit the tab button to indent your new paragraph?
  • What kind of spacing should your document have?
  • Should there be extra space after each paragraph?
  • Is the title of a document italicized, bold, underlined, or bigger than the body of the document?
  • Should the text start on the left side of the page, the right side of the page, or the center?
  • Should the title be left, right, or center?


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