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Published on November 28th, 2010 | by What2Learn


Spreadsheet Task: Barry’s burger van

This free activity is part of a series of resources to help KS3 teachers delivering lessons on spreadsheet applications. In this lesson the students will develop and demonstrate their ability to perform calculations using a spreadsheet. They will also format a spreadsheet using borders and shading and attempt to create an accurate chart of given data.


Click here to download the worksheet ‘Barry’s burger van’

Interactive assessments

Teachers – reduce your marking and develop your student’s knowledge and motivation with W2L games. There is a relevant activity with the title ‘Simple spreadsheet calculations’. The best way to play these is for students to register for a free W2L account, log in and enter share code ‘907795’ to unlock the KS3 Spreadsheets topic. By logging in to play the activities scores will be recorded and attainment rewarded.

Learn more.

Sample Spellcheck Game
Teacher Guidance

Suggested method of delivery:

This lesson builds on the previous lesson which looked at performing calculations in a spreadsheet. As such, the lesson should start with a review of what students learned last lesson.

Most of this task should be self-explanatory and students should be able to follow the instructions on the worksheet. The key area in which they may need assistance is in drawing the chart. To do this accurately they will need to select the data for the chart by holding down the CTRL button to ensure their graph does not include undesired data.

As extenstion and plenary students should play the activities within the KS3 Spreadsheets topic (share code 907795 to unlock this).

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