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Published on April 29th, 2014 | by GameMaker


Sports and Hobbies – Present continuous

This is a simple game enabling young learners to practice using the present continuous and recap vocabulary related to sport.
The activity is targeted at primary pupils and specifically children working from the workbook Surprise 5 by Oxford.
After practicing with the game, pupils could try making up some of their own quiz question for friends.

Questions in this game include:

  • Mary ___ playing volleyball with her sister.
  • They ___ doing aerobics now.
  • Is he _______ tennis?
  • You are ______ gymnastics.

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Sports and Hobbies – Present continuous GameMaker
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Summary: Thank you to the author of this game for providing such a clear and specific description of who the game is aimed at and how it fits into a scheme of work.


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