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ICT / Computing

Published on January 13th, 2015 | by What2Learn


Scratch Challenges

By this stage your students should have a good grasp of the basics of programming using Scratch. This activity consists of a number of tasks with increasing levels of complexity and challenge. hayamix.com Each task sees students opening a part-completed project and making the additions and changes to meet the stated requirements.

Preparation for delivery

You need to make sure that the presentation annmix.net for this activity is available for the students to access on your network as they need to be able to click the links to access the appropriate project pages at Scratch.

Suggested delivery

Length of unit: 1 lesson

You should produce a grid that has the names of your students down the side and activities 1-5 across the top. Excellent lessons have been delivered using Google Sheets for this purpose as the collaborative element of this software enables the spreadsheet to be projected for all students to see while at the same time the class teacher can have the spreadsheet open on another device and make updates to indicate progress while circulating around the room. Students enjoy seeing their progress against others in the class.

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