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Published on November 13th, 2014 | by GameMaker


Organelle Match

If a cell was a city, what would each of the organelles represent? This imaginative game for Grade 7 Life Science provides a great means of students developing their understanding of the role and function of each organelle in a cell.

The game author provided the following description.

Designed for 7th grade life science students studying cell structure and function. Students should be introduced to the various cell structures and their functions, and draw comparisons between cell functions and every day objects. Topics to engage in following this content would include cell processes and basic cell structure differences among the six kingdoms.

Now test yourself. Can you match each city feature with the equivalent organelle in the table below?

City feature Organelle
City Limits choloroplast
Delivery Service ER
Garbage Truck Golgi
HazMat Crew Lysosomes
Power Plant membrane
Reservoir mitochondria
Restaurant ribosome
Solar Panels vacuole

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