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Published on February 16th, 2014 | by GameMaker


The Odyssey Books 19-20, vocabulary game

This game on Books 19-20 of Homer’s The Odyssey was created using our Game Machine by a visitor to the What2Learn website. This stage of the book sees the adventure continue in Odysseus’s hall with Odysseus still in disguise as a beggar. The description provided for the game by it’s creator was:

English The Odyssey Book 19-20 Vocabulary Words 4th Year Level. Aimed to help widen the students’ vocabulary.”

This hangman-style game aims to develop your vocabulary in order to help you better describe what is happening in Books 19-20 of The Odyssey. You may need to play it several times before you manage to complete it. If you are struggling you can press the ‘more’ link below to see the words included in the game. It is important that you make sure you also know what each word actually means.


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