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Published on March 13th, 2014 | by GameMaker


Logarithmic calculations

This Mathematics game on logarithmic calculations was created by a visitor to What2Learn using the Game Machine. The description provided by the author is shown.

“Calculate the logarithm in your head. The faster you are, the further your Rocket-Man will be able to fly. Comapre your score to your friends in school.”

Mathematic Test for Students in 10th Grade.

Questions in this game include:

calculate log_2 (8)
calculate log_5 (25)
calculate log (0,1)
calculate log_4 (1)
calculate log_a (a)

This is just one of many Mathematics games available at What2Learn. Click the ‘Mathematics’ link in the subjects list to see other examples of Mathematics games created by visitors to What2Learn or create a free account to gain full access to our complete system.

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Logarithmic calculations GameMaker
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