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Published on April 17th, 2013 | by What2Learn


How to calculate the area of a circle given the radius

How do you calculate the area of a circle given the radius? Using equations to perform this task is a common requirement of Mathematics courses at KS3 and GCSE.

This interactive activity will introduce how to use pi to calculate the area of a circle.

pi r squared

There are plenty of free printable worksheets available for practicing calculating the areas of circles but here at What2Learn we believe in the value of colourful interactive activities that give instant feedback. The game shown below starts with a brief lesson explaining how to use a calculator to work out the area of a circle. It then moves on to a series of questions that you need to work out the answer to. You can use the on-screen calculator and, if you get it wrong, will be shown how you should have worked out the answer.

How to calculate the area of a circle game

Click here to play the game. You will need to create a free What2Learn account to access this game if you do not already have one. In addition to this game, your account will give you access to thousands more activities covering most subject areas.

How does this fit into the courses you might be studying?

Working out the area of simple shapes like circles and triangles is a requirement of KS3 Mathematics. It is also included in all GCSE Mathematics specifcations as shown below:

Edexcel GCSE in Mathematics A – Linear (1MA0)

GM z Find circumferences and areas of circles:

Recall and use the formulae for the circumference of a circle and the area enclosed by a circle.

AQA GCSE Mathematics (4360)

G4.3 Calculate circumferences and areas of circles.

OCR GCSE in Mathematics A J562

FA7 Sequences and formulae

7.1 – Derive a formula, substitute numbers intoa formula and change the subject of a formula. Example: formula for the area of an enclosed circle.

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