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Does What2Learn really work?

At What2Learn we strongly feel that any time spent revising will help students to achieve more and to enhance their academic progress. Revision books, educational videos, your exercise books… all will help to raise achievement. The key thing with What2Learn is that it is designed to be fun for students to use, thereby encouraging them to spend more time revising than they perhaps would normally. The instant feedback and guidance provided in the exam drills and interactive games means that students will develop their understanding through repetition. Parents and teachers will also be able to monitor and reward developing knowledge due to the automatic recording of attainment.

The system is a dramatic improvement on national award-winning educational ideas and techniques. Our main pilot school recently enjoyed a 27.5% increase in the number of students attaining higher grades (A*-C grades) in GCSE Modular Science examinations.

How can I make an account to access What2Learn?

We have an automated account-creation facility – it takes around a minute to gain access to What2Learn and start preparing for exam success. Simply click here and follow the instructions.

I need to make lots of accounts for my students. Do I need to make each one individually?

The best way to get all of your students online quickly is to request a Class Pass. Learn more here.

How can I add a game to a PowerPoint presentation

We have now produced a page giving full details on how to do this. Please click here.

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