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Probability Tree 2

This game was created for Mathematics students to develop their skills within probability – this is something that is a common feature of GCSE Mathematics examinations. The focus in this activity is on conditional probability – this means that the probability of a given situation is influenced by previous events. In this activity a bag contains red and blue counters. A counter will be taken from the bag and its colour noted. It is NOT returned to the bag. You will need to work out the probability at each branch of the probability tree.

Once you have mastered this revision activity we suggest one of the following three courses of action:

Firstly, you can browse through our sample of other Mathematics games – click here.
Secondly you can sign up for free and full access to all of the learning activities within What2Learn – click here.
Thirdly, you can visit cool-math.co.uk where we point you in the direction of only the very best interactive learning games for Mathematics that are on the web – click here.

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