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Published on March 9th, 2014 | by GameMaker


Gene trivia

This Science game about genes was created using the What2Learn game machine. The author of the game provided the description shown.

The game is about genetics for 7th grade. The objective of the game is to correctly answer the questions. The person with the most points will win the game. Students should learn genetics and heredity before playing the game. Students should also move on to the next part of genetics after playing the game.

In this game you need to provide the word(s) that match each of these definitions:

  • Two different alleles result in the blended phenotype…
  • Two different alleles that result in both phenotype being exposed at the same time…
  • When an allele is located on the X chromosome.
  • A weak factor in determining a trait; prevented by showing in offspring by dominant trait…
  • A strong factor in determining a trait; prevents recessive showing trait from showing in offspring.
  • An organism that has two different genes for one trait…
  • One or two alternative forms of a gene that are found in chromosomes and are dominant or recessive.
  • Threadlike structures made of DNA that are in the nucleus of most cells…

If you are struggling, click the ‘more’ link below to view the answers included in the game.

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