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Published on November 28th, 2010 | by What2Learn


GCSE Geography: Waves in coastal systems

Waves are the driving force behind shaping coastal landforms. It is important that you understand the causes, characteristics, and actions of the two different kinds of waves (constructive and destructive). It is important that you develop a good comprehension of the relevant vocabulary and how to use it in test questions.

By playing these games you should be able to talk about fetch, swash, backwash, erosion and much more. Do not settle for the first score you get – replay the game until you get full marks and you will be ready to tackle any test questions about waves in coastal systems.

Sample Game: Waves key terms

Revision games on waves

Quick play
Full play*
Waves Key terms 1 play game play game
Waves Key terms 2 play game play game
Constructive waves: test question play game play game
Destructive waves: test question play game play game

* With the full play option teachers will be able to see the scores students get in these games (learn more here) and students will be able to enjoy the exciting in-built rewards that What2Learn offers. Students and teachers will need to sign up for a free What2Learn account to enjoy these additional benefits – it only takes two minutes so register now!

If you already have an account enter share code 915382 – the share code for the new ‘Coastal Environments’ topic.

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