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Published on June 12th, 2008 | by What2Learn


Great Education Freebies

At What2Learn we are not only providing you with our very own unique and innovative educational system at NO COST, we are also now trawling through cyberspace to bring you what we believe to be the very best educational and teaching freebies out there. We are not just talking lesson plans here, we are talking about things that will make both teacher and student go ‘wow’!
Please check back often as new resources will be described and evaluated often.

Bubblus logo

A fantastic resource for making brainstorms / mind maps. This is a very simple yet powerful and effective web application that will enable both teachers and students to make visually appealing diagrams. In under a minute you will be well on your way to mastering this intuitive resource.
Bubbl.us example

A great resource to use on an interactive whiteboard during a class discussion or lesson plenary. It is also an ideal tool for students to use when planning projects or to show what they know on a topic during revision. When you have finished your brainstorm you can save or share it online, save it as a graphic or webpage and even email it to someone. Click here to go to bubbl.us.
Arcademic skill builders

The Arcademic Skills Builders website provides some very stimulating games for raising basic literacy and numeracy skills amongst younger students. The colourful interactive activities will really appeal to children as it provides them with the kind of games they enjoy playing but with an educational focus.
Arcademic skills builders

Activities cover basic mathematics (addition, subtraction, etc) and a range of word games. As with our own What2Learn activities, young learners will see completing the activities as a challenge. They will happily play and replay the games and through this repetition their skills and knowledge will be enhanced. A particularly impressive feature of the Arcademic website is the way in which students can compete against oneanother online. Click here to go to Arcademic Skills Builders.
Solar Model by ff Softworks

For Science teachers who need to cover space and the universe, ff Softwork’s ‘Solar Model’ is the nearest you will get to turning your classroom into a planetarium. Stand on any body in our solar system and look towards any other in real time. Speed up time and watch the movement of the planets or the moons whizzing around them. Calculate distances between space bodies like planets, dwarf planets and moons. See background data on the bodies you are looking at.

Space image 1Space image 2

This is not a website but a free download – it does not even need to be installed, you simply run it from the folder you save it in. The first time you open it it may seem a little daunting but with a few minutes of playing around you will soon be on the way to navigating yourself all around the solar system. To download Solar Model 2.1 (the most up to date version) click here.
Over the top banner

Over the Top is an interactive adventure game that gives students an experience of life in the trenches during the First World War. Based on the Western Front in the autumn of 1916 it gives a flavour of some of the excitement, despair, brutality and sheer horror of trench warfare.
Over the top image

Quite rightly, this website takes care not to trivialise this important topic and requires a fairly good standard of literacy as there is quite a lot to read. The quality of the graphics and animations is very high and the interactive way in which students can shape the direction of the story will hold their interest. As well as developing their understanding of how desperate the fight for life in the trenches was, the website will provide a very effective way for enhancing understanding of key vocabulary. A must-use website for History teachers covering the World War One.
Click here to access ‘Over the Top’ from the Canadian War Museum website.
ElectroCity Banner

A free, online version of the classic PC game Sim-City, ElectroCity is an addictive computer game that lets students manage their own virtual towns and cities. It’s great fun to play and also teaches players all about energy, sustainability and environmental management. Will you design a super-green eco-friendly haven or go all out for maximum money and maximum population?
The website has been carefully designed with teachers in mind. It provides detailed instructions to enable teachers to make the very most of this resource (access this information here). Teachers can also register and receive a code. Students can enter this code when they complete their city, thus enabling the teacher to view the final product and the final grades awarded.

Electrocity ties in to a range of subject areas, but Geography, Economics and Science in particular. Start planning your ideal town or city by clicking here.


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