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ICT / Computing

Published on November 11th, 2010 | by What2Learn


Free resources for teaching Functional Skills ICT

Do you teach ICT at Functional Skills Levels 1 or 2? If so, this is the place to access:

  • Printable worksheets to download;
  • Presentations;
  • Guidance on lesson delivery;
  • Auto-marking assessments;
  • Homework tasks;
  • Projects;
  • Fun interactive learning games.

You should also check out our 10 Golden Rules for success in the Functional Skills exams – essential tips for levels 1 and 2.

Many of the resources and activities below will be of use to a range of other ICT courses you might be doing at KS3 or GCSE.

Computer keyboard

These Functional Skills ICT resources have been created to help students to succeed in the practical examination of the course. They build on skills that should have been covered within KS3 ICT. As such, the activities are focused on problem solving, independent selection of the most appropriate application to use, evaluating end-products, etc.

Before beginning the unit of work below we recommend that you allow one lesson for students to create an appropriate folder structure and to sign up for an account on the What2Learn system. This will give them full access to all of our interactive content to enhance their learning and provide extension and support. It will also allow you to use our automated assessment system to track their progress. Learn more about this award-winning resource here.

Click any of the links to see full details of the task, including resources and teacher guidance:

Task One: Responding to ICT Problems

Task Two: Computer Viruses

Task Three: Working with tables

Task Four: Writing formal letters

Task Five: Writing memos and agendas

Task Six: The trouble with spellchecker

Task Seven: Ticket design (DTP task)

Task Eight: Creating a database of movies

Task Nine: Searching a database

Task Ten: Creating a mail merge document

Task Eleven: Graphics task

Task Twelve: Gradebook (spreadsheet activity)

Task Thirteen: Wages spreadsheet

Task Fourteen: Collaborative project

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