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Published on June 25th, 2014 | by GameMaker


ESOL Activity: Plural parts of the body

This is aimed at pre-entry/entry 1 ESOL students who are learing body parts. This game is to remind them about plurals (using ‘s’) plus the recognition of irregular plural words in English (where no ‘s’ is required). The words include those which students may find difficult to spell, due to silent letters, and some which may be new to the students’ vocabularies which they find hard to remember.
Before playing this game students should have studied body parts, including those which are irregular in their plural form, and they should understand that we add ‘s’ to make plural in English. After this game, students can use their knowledge to start writing about ‘it hurts’ and ‘they hurt’ when referring to singular and plural body parts respectively.

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ESOL Activity: Plural parts of the body GameMaker
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