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Published on March 16th, 2013 | by What2Learn


Don’t trust spellchecker!

Many of us today have become very reliant on the use of automated spelling checkers on our computers, but can they really be trusted. Automated spelling checkers may think that a word does not have a spelling mistake, but is it really the right word for the sentence? Spellchecker has no way of spotting homophones (words that sound the same but have different spellings and meanings). Play this interactive learning game to test your ability to spot a mistake that automated spellcheckers would miss.

As with all of the interactive learning games for English at What2Learn, if you do not score full marks and complete the game then keep playing it until you do – repetition is an important part of learning information.

Spot the homophone

What2Learn provides a wealth of interactive games and activities to support teaching and learning within English. These cover a wide range of topics including parts of speech, grammar, english vocabulary, commonly-studied texts and more. These resources provide a great tool for the teaching of basic English in schools and for home learning. They are also of use for anybody studying ESOL and TESL courses.

View our list of recommended English games here. Alternatively, gain access to many more games by signing up for an account at What2Learn. This will provide you with access to many more exciting features and learning tools. We have free accounts and paid-for premium accounts which support the building of schools in developing countries through our ‘Building Learning, Building Schools’ Programme. Sign up for your free or Premium account today!

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Don’t trust spellchecker! What2Learn
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Summary: A really useful activity for helping us to remember that we cannot always rely entirely on what a computer says! Please rate this activity below.


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