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ICT / Computing

Published on April 15th, 2014 | by GameMaker



KS3- Year 8 Pupils
Subject: ICT
Pupils should learn some of the keywords used in databases.
Learning Outcome: To find the words in the wordsearch
After doing this activity you should understand some of the words that will be used for the duration of this unit. Once complete find the meanings of the words.

Questions in this game include:

  • What data type (type of data) is Address ?
  • What is another word for a unique key in databases ?
  • What data type (type of data) would DOB be
  • Can you have two data types ?
  • Is 02093459023 data or information?
  • What software can be used for creating databases?
  • What is a Key from another database?
  • What is a programming language used to program databases?

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