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Published on March 19th, 2014 | by GameMaker


Connective and Muscle Tissue

Subject: Health Science

This game is suited for students 15 or older with previous knowledge in general and specific information involving the Body Tissues, specially Connective and Muscular.

After playing this game students may proceed to investigate more about the other types of tissues: Epithelial and Nervous Tissue.

Questions in this game include:

What is the name of a group of organs in which each contributes to the function of the body?
Which is the most common type of cells in the Connective Tissue?
These tissue cells are characterized by a large internal fat droplet:
Where can you find Dense (Fibrous) Regular Connective Tissue?
Firm gel material that contains fibers and other substances:
What is the main function of the Skeletal Muscle?
Contractions of the Smooth Muscle are particularly important in the ___________ system.
Fragments of cytoplasm detached from Megakaryocytes in the bone marrow:

If you are struggling click the ‘more’ button below to see the answers included in this game.

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Can you provide a definition of each of the terms above?

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Connective and Muscle Tissue GameMaker
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