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Cell Transport – GCSE Biology revision

The following two learning games, created by visitors to What2Learn, provide a fun way to learn how cells transport molecules. This is a topic covered in GCSE Biology specifications.

Game One:

In this first game the questions covered are:

What is the process in which molecules moving from high to low concentration?
A process of transporting particles that requires energy is called what?
What do we call the diffusion of water through cell membranes?
A process of transporting particles that does not require energy is called what?
Small particles cross the cell membrane using channels, what are the channels made out of?
Process when the cell surrounds a large particle in a vesicle and brings it into the cell is what?
What is the name of the process when the cell forms a vesicle around a large particle and brings it outside the cell?
What is it called when molecules are spread equally around in an area?

If you are struggling, press the ‘more’ link below to reveal the answers (you will still have to correctly match the answers to the clues though.

More »

Passive transport
Active transport

Game Two:

Now that you have developed your knowledge of cell transport by completing the above game, test this knowledge on the game below. The questions will be worded differently here but the answers are largely the same. Good luck!

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Cell Transport – GCSE Biology revision
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Summary: Two good games created by visitors to the What2Learn using the game machine. More detailed descriptions of what the games should teach you would have resulted in us giving them a higher score.


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