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Published on November 13th, 2014 | by GameMaker


Cardiovascular Drugs

There are many different drugs available which aim to help patients with cardiovascular conditions. This interactive learning game was created to assist High School students studying this topic to learn the appropriate medical terminology. If you are struggling, a glance at the table below the game may help you.


Now test yourself. Can you match each of the following cardiovascular drugs with the purpose they aim to meet?

Match the drug… To the purpose…
Antihypertensive Blocks sodium from being absorbed. Reduces fluid retention
Aspirin Prevents heart attack
Beta Blockers Treat a blood clot blocking an artery
Calcium Channel Blockers Treat CHF. Decreases heart rate & strengthens contracions
Digitalis Treat High Blood Pressure
Diuretic Treats angina & high blood pressure by blocking beta receptors
Nitrate Treats angina pectoris by dilating the arteries
Thrombolytic Treats high blood pressure & angina by blocking calcium moving into myocardial cells

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Cardiovascular Drugs GameMaker
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