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Published on January 10th, 2010 | by What2Learn


See the scores your students attain in games you make

assessment report image 1

As a teacher you will be keen to closely monitor and reward the progress your students are making. Now that you have made a game, wouldn’t it be much more useful to you if you could see whether your students have played it and the scores they have managed to attain?

If you have not already done so, register for full W2L accounts and you will soon be able to do just this. As W2L will automatically mark the work of your students, think about the substantial time savings you will make. You will be able to see the attainment of your students in the original core games and in any games in topics created by you (or other teachers) that your students have ‘unlocked’.

Step One:

To see the scores your students have attained in any games in W2L you must…

  • Register to get your Premium What2Learn accounts for your students and yourself.
  • Use your unique teacher shared code to link to all of your students (learn more).
  • Organise your students into the appropriate groups / classes (learn more).

Step Two:

Log in to your W2L teacher account. Make sure that you are set to the required key stage by pressing the ‘change class’ button on the side menu. You will not be able to see reports for games within a certain key stage if you are in the wrong class.

Step Three:

Press on the ‘Reports’ button in the side menu. You will see a screen like the one below.

assessment report image 1

If you cannot see the reports tab you are probably using an old W2L teacher account and need to upgrade to a Premium W2L account. If you can see it you will be able to start narrowing down the details you would like to see in your report by selecting a specific subject or topic and the particular group of students you would like to see results for. ‘Subjects’ are our original core content and ‘Topics’ are any additional sets of games that you have created or unlocked. Before pressing ‘Run’ please press the appropriate radio button to indicate whether your report is based on a subject or a topic that you have selected (as shown below).

assessment report image 1

Step Four:

Once you have chosen the class and the subject or topic you want a report for you can narrow your choices down even further by selecting all students and an individual game, an individual student and all games, or an individual student and an individual game.

assessment report image 1

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