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Published on January 21st, 2014 | by What2Learn


Vocabulary for AP English

This game teaches some useful vocabulary for AP English students in high school. AP (Advanced Placement) English is a challenging yet highly rewarding course for motivated, hard-working students who are keen to stretch and develop their English skills.

In this game you will need to provide the correct word to match the definition given. If you are struggling with this game click the ‘more’ link below to see the clues and the possible answers you could select from.

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To draw forth
Decline, decay, or deterioration
Used so often as to lack freshness or originality
A gap, opening, break
The expression of approval or favorable opinion
To make easier or milder
To attempt to dissuade someone from some course by earnest reasoning
A combination, union, or merger for some specific purpose

Answers (not in same order as the definitions):


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Vocabulary for AP English What2Learn
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Summary: A challenging game with some difficult words to learn!


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