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Published on February 28th, 2014 | by GameMaker


All About Genetics!

This game is for students at the middle school level. The game reviews genetics that is covered in a middle school science class. Students should review the materials covered in class. After completing the game the students should be ready to complete a unit test.

Questions in this game include:

Who is the father of genetics?
What is the name of the most powerful gene?
The name of the weaker gene?
What is the name of the worksheet that can be used to determine gene pairs?
Characteristics inherited from parents are called…?
The passing of traits from parent to offspring is…?
An organism’s physical appearance is a…?
Having two identical alleles for a trait is called…?

If you are struggling click the ‘more’ link below to see the answers included in the game.

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Answers in this game:

Punnett Square

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