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Published on March 3rd, 2010 | by What2Learn


Zombie Boxing Quiz Game Generator

Help students to learn while saving the world from the zombie apocalypse!

Zombie boxing is one of the most popular game engines at What2Learn. Based on a hangman game engine, students are asked a question and need to type in the letters that are in the answer. If they press a correct letter they will hit the zombie – wrong letters result in the zombie fighting back. Young learners will be keen to replay the game time and again until they are confident in their knowledge of all of the answers in the games.

Any subject content can be added to this quiz game.

You can use our learning game generator to make a range of interactive learning games such as ‘Zombie Boxing’. The Flash-based games can be stored as a bookmark on your browser, linked to from another site, embedded into your own VLE or website or even added to the main content within What2Learn. The added advantage of this last option is that you will be able to see the scores your student get in this game.

Zombie Boxing

Zombie Boxing

Will you answer enough questions correctly to survive the zombie apocalypse?

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Anybody can make a zombie boxing quiz game – all your need to do is to supplpy eight questions and eight answers. The game requires answers to be single words.

Take a look at our fantastic game generator today. It has a wide range of interactive educational activities which are quick and easy to add your own questions to. A great tool for engaging students with their learning.

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