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Published on April 11th, 2009 | by What2Learn


What2Learn Share Codes

Share Codes

What2Learn has thousands of users. The new version of What2Learn allows you to use share codes to find and link to your friends and teachers. Every student and teacher account comes with a unique share code. Start sharing your code today to enhance your What2Learn experience and to make the most of lots of new features.

Share codes

Teacher Share Codes

What2Learn has always been an excellent resource for students. The new version adds a wide range of exciting featuress to assist teachers.

On signing up every teacher is given a unique code number which they need to share with their students. As soon as a student logs in to What2Learn and enters this code into the ‘sharing box’ the teacher will be able to access a range of detailed reports on the progress of that student.

When combined with the hundreds of ready-made resources, this new automated monitoring and assessment tool can be used to dramatically reduce the workload of even the busiest of teachers.

Student Share Codes

On signing up with What2Learn every student is given a unique code number. By sharing this with friends students are able to set up a ‘bowling league’ in which they can compete against one another.

The bowling league will show the list of students in the league, the micon of each and the total number of games they have completed. Set up your league today – who will be in first place? More info.

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2 Responses to What2Learn Share Codes

  1. Precious says:

    how can you get a share code?

  2. What2Learn says:

    To get a share code you need to sign up for an account (a free account is fine). When you log in to it your share code will be displayed on your dashboard.
    To make your account click the ‘Sign Up’ button at the top of the page.

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