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Published on March 20th, 2013 | by What2Learn


What are the muscles in the upper human body?

What are the different muscles in the human body? A strong knowledge of the human musclular system is an important requirement of GCSE PE with Edexcel and AQA. This interactive quiz game will develop and test your ability to label the muscles in the upper part of the human body.

Where are the deltoids? Can you label the latissimus dorsi? Other muscles to identify include the biceps, triceps and trapezius. Can you label them on an image of the human body? Test yourself using the interactive activity below – a great tool for revision.

The game below is just one of the thousands of games at What2Learn. Sign up for free access!

You may need to play the game several times to beat it – don’t settle for your first score!

What2Learn provides a wealth of interactive games and activities to support teaching and learning within PE. These cover a wide range of topics including muscles, skeletal structure, methods of training, illegal ergogenic aids, sport physiology and more. These resources provide a great tool for students revising for examinations at the end of the year.

Gain access to many more games for PE and for most other subjects by signing up for an account at What2Learn. This will provide you with access to many more exciting features and learning tools. We have free accounts and paid-for premium accounts which support the building of schools in developing countries through our ‘Building Learning, Building Schools’ Programme. Sign up for your free or Premium account today!

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What are the muscles in the upper human body? What2Learn
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Summary: This activity is really useful for anybody revising for GCSE PE examinations as you may need to label different muscles within the human body. Just be aware that you may also need to describe what the muscles do. Please rate this activity for other visitors to What2Learn.


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