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Published on January 2nd, 2010 | by What2Learn


W2L Teacher Accounts

What2Learn teacher accounts have continued to develop and now offer the following great features:

Access student progress data

By entering your unique teacher share code students will instantly be linked to you to enable you to access their progress data. A range of reports allow you to investigate the progress of individual students or you could select a specific activity and see how your students (or a particular group of students) have scored within it.

Organise your students

Once your students have linked to you it is possible to organise them into the groups or classes that you teach them in. This makes it much easier for you to monitor progress.

Create your own ‘Topics’ – set of quizzes and games

What2Learn provides a fantastic and free way to quickly and easily create your own interactive quizzes and learning games. All you need to do is provide the questions and answers and your activity will be instantly created. You can then pull these games into your own ‘Topics’ – collections of your own games specific to the requirements of your students. All student attainment in your topics will be instantly recorded. Learn more.

Contribute to the development of W2L

W2L is a free-to-use, non-commercial resource. Despite being a national award-winning educational resouorce, it has been created by just two people in their free time. When you create your own topics full of learning activities to help students in your lessons, these topics will go into a directory of optional units for other teachers and students to use. In effect you will become an author of educational content. We have tens of thousands of users – how many will access your material? Such collaborative work is encouraged in schools now and has been used by teachers to help attain promotions and to pass through threshold assessments.

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