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Types of skin lesions

Thanks to Mrs Cobb for creating this great game on skin lesions. This game will be useful for Biology students studying the Systsems of the Body, in particular the unit on the Integumentary System (skin).

The game below will develop and test your knowledge of the characteristics and types of different skin lesions, including boils, cysts and comedomes. You should replay the game until you are quickly and easily able to answer each question correctly. This may take several attempts but stick with it!

Now test yourself. Can you name each of the following features / lesions?

  • Flat, round colored
  • Elevated with raised border, solid
  • Elevated filled with serum
  • Elevated, irregular border, no free fluid
  • Elevated filled with pus
  • Elevated solid mass that extends into deeper tissue
  • Encapsulated, round, fluid filled or solid mass beneath skin
  • Blackheads and Whiteheads

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Types of skin lesions What2Learn
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