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Times table games

Looking for times table games? You’ve come to the right place. At What2Learn we have times tables all sorted for you, with interactive games and printable worksheets to make the whole learning process in Mathematics easy and fun.

Here is a quick selection of some of our most popular interactive times tables practice games:

free online baseball mathematics game

Baseball Mathematics

Load the bases and go for glory with a home run – the faster and more accurately you answer the questions the more runs you will score. Play against the computer or against a friend in this exciting times tables practice game.

Click here to play.

Multiplication Underwater Fish Game What2Learn

Underwater times tables

Dive down to a coral reef and practice your times tables as the fish go swimming past. Play the tables in normal or in random order.

Click here to play.

Santa and the Great Toy Roundup

Santa and the Great Toy Roundup

Disaster! Up at the North Pole the toys have all escaped. There will be some very upset children around the world on Christmas Day unless Santa can round them all up.

Answer times tables questions to buy time for Santa on his mission to save Christmas. Will your mutliplication skills save the day?!

Click here to play.

Santa and the Great Toy Roundup

Printable times table games

Looking for some printable worksheets to use as multiplication games for Mathematics practice? We can even help there! We have a free book of worksheets to make practicing multiplication fun. Download it today!

Get the printable worksheets here.

The best way to use What2Learn is to sign up for a FREE account to access the whole system. In addition to a load of times tables games you will access thousands of other learning games on a wide range of topics and subjects. You will also get lots of in-built rewards such as a virtual farm to run! Get your free account today!

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