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Published on April 21st, 2014 | by GameMaker


Telling Time

This game is aimed at 10/11 year olds and it is based on the time strand unit of the Irish Primary School Mathematics Curriculum. In this game you must answer questions relating to converting times from the 12 hour analogue clock to the 24 hour digital clock and vice versa. Children should have an understanding of how to convert time and should have experience with doing so. Children should also understand what am and pm mean. This game consolidates and reinforces what is learned at school.

The kind of questions in this game include:

What is 11.43am in the 24 hour clock?

What is 23.49 in the 12 hour clock?

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Telling Time GameMaker
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Summary: This game received a really big thumbs-up by Dudley due to the quality description provided by the author of the game. Failure to give a good explanation of what the game is for and how it relates to a subject and topic is a key reason for many games submitted to the game machine not being made. The game description provided by the author of this game, seen at the top of this page, is an excellent example of what is needed to ensure your game gets made.


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