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Published on May 16th, 2012 | by What2Learn


Teacher Accounts

Teachers – gain access to our incredible learning game creator by purchasing your What2Learn teacher account using our secure PayPal system.

What do you get?

Full access to our exciting learning game generator which is proven to enhance motivation, learning and revision.

What2Learn games

Key features include:

  • Over thirty different interactive learning game engines.
  • Game types include hangman, quizzes, interactive wordsearches, long answer activities and more.
  • So quick and easy to use that anybody can make powerful learning games in a few short minutes.
  • There is no limit to the number of games that you can create.
  • Your games will be instantly available online to your students.
  • Your games can even be embedded into your own website, VLE or PowerPoint presentation.

If you acquire student accounts you will even be able to see the scores your students get in your games. A great way to cut down on marking!

Included in the thirty learning games you can create are the following ten which have been created with an eye on enabling teachers to bring the big sporting event of the summer into their classrooms in an effective way.

Archery game


Answer the questions quickly to stand a better chance of hitting the high scoring rings.

Play a wordsearch game >>

Play an anagram game >>

Athletics game


The faster you answer the questions the faster you will run!

Play a quiz game >>

Play an anagram game >>

Sailing game

Star Class Sailing

Choose your nation and see where you can finish in the race.

Play a multiple-choice game >>

Play an exam game >>

Long jump game

Long Jump

Answer the questions quickly to build up speed and select a good angle of take off.

Play an anagram game >>

Play a quiz game >>

Velodrome cycling game

Pursuit Cycling

Answer the questions quickly to win the pursuit cycling event in the velodrome.

Play a hangman game >>

Play a multiple-choice game >>

Take a peak at the full list of games available in our learning game creator here.

Buy your account now!

Gain access to our award-winning educational tool by purchasing your account using our secure PayPal system.

Accounts cost £25 GBP each (payments in most currencies available).

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4 Responses to Teacher Accounts

  1. Lyn Langton says:

    If I buy a teachers account when I create games is it possible to have the game screen ‘fullscreen’?

  2. What2Learn says:

    Hi Lyn,

    In answer to your question, it depends entirely where you use them. If you use the embed code which comes with your game to add it to your own PowerPoint, website, etc then you can resize it to be whatever dimensions you want. When played at What2Learn we have not provided different size options but being based on vector graphics it is possible to zoom in to fill the screen (e.g. with CTRL + in Internet Explorer) without any blurring / pixelating of the images. Just remember to zoom back out (CTRL -) afterwards.

    Hope this helps.

  3. shahsi says:

    How to embed the games on my online (moodle) page? We have both internet and intranet here at my education institute and bandwidth is very poor. I would like to use your games for interactive learning. My concern is will the students need internet to be able to access the games or once embedded, the students can access the games within moodle.


  4. What2Learn says:

    Hi Kerishma,

    Any game made at What2Learn comes with YouTube-style embed codes that can be embedded into Moodle, PowerPoints, blogs, etc. To see the embed code go to the version of the game on the ‘outside’ of the W2L system (e.g. game number 12345 would be at //www.what2learn.com/games/play/12345). You will see three different sized embed codes towards the bottom of the page.

    It is worth pointing out that although you can embed W2L games into your Moodle (and many people do), they are not SCORM compliant so you will not be able to link it to the assessment tools of the Moodle system. To see scores attained in W2L games you would need to use a W2L teacher account.

    Hope this helps.

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