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Published on June 7th, 2011 | by What2Learn


Spreadsheet game (KS3)

This snakes and ladders style game was created for use in KS3 lessons, principally Unit 7.4 (Spreadsheet applications) with Year 7 and Unit 8.4 (Spreadsheet Modelling) with Year 8. It was also used with a Level 1 Functional Skills ICT class.

This game can be played in one of two ways. It can be played as a whole-class activity on an interactive whiteboard by dividing the class into two teams. Alternatively, if you are in a computer suite the class can play against one another in pairs.

spreadsheet what2learn

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This game covers the features of a worksheet (columns, rows, etc), using functions and formulae, organising data and presenting it accurately.

Download this game and adapt it by adding your own questions – get it here>>

We have a collection of great printable spreadsheet activities for use in KS3 ICT lessons. These worksheets provide a range of fun scenarios and practical activities for students to work through to develop their skills in spreadsheet applications. Click here to access these resources.

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3 Responses to Spreadsheet game (KS3)

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  2. Alexus says:

    i really enjoyed this, i think that it will help me for the test i have at the end of the year… thank you

  3. Breezy says:

    Awesome game! I used to play a game like this when I was little called “Chutes and Ladders”. I think you probably got this idea from that game, but I like it allot! 😀

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