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Sound and hearing (8L) Science revision


The following revision games and activities are to help students learning about ‘sound and hearing’. In many KS3 schemes of work this will be unit 8L. Students will learn about physical components of the ear (canal, cochlea, eardrum, etc), as well as features and measurements of sounds (amplitude, frequency, pitch, range, etc).

Many activities on What2Learn are free to access and the links below will help you to access the activities you want. The best way to play these activities is to sign up for a What2Learn account which will allow students to enjoy our fantastic in-built rewards (such as a virtual farm to manage) and to compete against their friends. Teachers will also be able to see the scores their students have attained in the revision games.

Sample activity: Sound and hearing vocab

Once you have completed this game test yourself by seeing if you can answer these questions:

  • What measurement tells us the height of a sound wave?
  • What links the outer ear with the eardrum?
  • What is the snail-shaped bony structure in the ear?
  • What is the unit of measurement for how loud sound is?
  • What do we call the thin membrane in the ear which vibrates and transmits sound to the middle ear?
  • What is the device that produces a visual display of what a sound wave looks like?
More Science revision games on sound and hearing.

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