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Published on January 3rd, 2010 | by What2Learn


Share your W2L games and topics with the world!

Why share your efforts?
  • Become an educational author – we will tell you how many people have accessed your content.
  • Having a positive impact on learning outside your own classroom can help you gain your next promotion or get you through your next threshold assessment.
  • W2L is based on an ethos of free sharing – you and your students are accessing literally thousands of hours of our work for free. Please give a little back and help the system to grow.
How to share your games and topics

To make your games as widely used as possible you will need to be a little active yourself. We recommend the following steps but please let us know if you try anything which is successful.

  • Tell us about it and let us feature it on the W2L dashboard and in our newsletter. Use our contact form to get in touch.
  • Make sure that your colleagues in your own department know about the games you have made and how to use them. Demonstrate them in your next department meeting.
  • Tell teachers of your subject in neighbouring schools about your games.
  • Add your game or topic to the TES Resource Bank.
  • Post about your game or topic in appropriate forums such as the TES Forums.
  • Are you on Twitter? Tweet about your games. Please include hashtag #W2L.


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