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Published on November 14th, 2014 | by GameMaker


Prepositions of time

This interactive English game was created to help students learn when to use different prepositions of time. Following these rules will help you to succeed:

Use ‘at‘:
– Before a time, e.g. ‘at 3 o’clock’.

Use ‘in‘:
– Before a month or longer, e.g. ‘in January’.
– Before a period of time, e.g. ‘in 5 hours’ or ‘in 2 centuries’.

Use ‘on‘:
– Before a specific day , e.g. ‘on Monday’.
– Before a specific date, e.g ‘on 16th April’.

The game author provided the following description:
This game is to help students use prepositions of time correctly.


Questions in this game include:

Jeanne will submit her project proposals _____ five in the afternoon.
The deadline for submitting the designs for the new mobile phone model is _____ July 23.
Chris is rushing because he needs to be at the office _____ four for his meeting with the CEO.
The company will celebrate its 10th anniversary _____ Christmas Eve.
_____ July 17, five new employees will begin their jobs as telemarketers.
Daniel was sad because he found out that he will be doing overtime work _____ Thanksgiving.
The stocks we ordered will arrive _____ three weeks.
Mark will show several website templates to his client _____ Tuesday next week.

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