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Interactive educational games are a great way of enhancing learning. Access a selection of the games on What2Learn here.

Option One: Search user-generated games

Use the search tool below to search through the educational games on the website including those created using the What2Learn game generator.

Please note, as most of these games have been created by visitors to the site you should check any game for accuracy and relevance before using it with a class.


See the ten most recent games or enter a game number here.

Option Two: Play a quick game
Play underwater Mathematics game.
More Mathematics games here.
Odd one out - number sequencing
More activities for young learners here.
Letter sequencing game
More literacy games here.
Soccer Sudoku game
Get free access to lots more games here.

Balloon Ride
Quiz Wars
Safari hangman
zombie boxing
Option Three: Sign up for full access

This unique system provides fantastic benefits including:

  • proven to raise examination results
  • thousands of ready-made learning activities
  • simple to use game generator to create your own activities
  • automated reporting tools to reduce teacher marking burdens
  • exciting in-built rewards to keep students engaged in learning
  • reach students who are unable to attend school.
  • Access to many elements of this site are free such as the above games. Many game engines in our game creator are also free to use.

    Full access to this incredible system and all of the benefits listed above costs less than the price of a bottle of soda per student! Teacher accounts are free when you order your student accounts through our partners The Pearson Publishing Group. Click the flyer to the right for more details and an order form or register now.

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