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Published on February 16th, 2010 | by What2Learn


Great photo slideshow tool

I recently came across Photo-Peach. This is a great tool for creating eye-catching photo slideshows which which be used to create a really effective focus for discussions in lessons. It is quick and easy to make an account and all you then need to do is start uploading the pictures you want in your slideshow.

You are given two options for how your slideshow is presented – story and spiral (see below). You are also given a range of ways of using the completed slideshows including code to embed it into your own blogs.


Try clicking on one of the images!


Using it in lessons

I created the spiral slideshow above on Photo-Peach for use at the start of an A’Level ICT project on ICT in Society. In turn students had to select one of the images (pressing on it to make it large and stop the rotation). They then had to talk about the image and how it represented a way in which ICT is impacting upon modern society.

Do you have any suggestions for how it could be used in lessons? Please let us know.

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