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Published on November 17th, 2014 | by GameMaker


Participle -ing or -ed

This English literacy game was created for KS2 students learning about participles ending -ing or -ed. The author of this game provided the following description:

Please choose the right form of adjective – -ing or -ed

Questions in this game include:

You will find Susan ________ computer games in the living room. (play)
He had a very difficult time after he got (hurt / hurting) in the fire.
She got (picked / picking) for rhe school dancing team.
They found Tom _______ in his bed. (sleep)
Minho found himself ________ along to the song. (sing)
My little brother got (hit / hitting) by a ball yesterday.
People get (confusing/confused) with her name.
I foung Subin (making/made/tomake) a birthday cake.

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Participle -ing or -ed GameMaker
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