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Output devices – ICT worksheet

Output devices are any piece of computer hardware equipment used to communicate the results of data processing carried out by the computer to the outside world. Examples include monitors, projectors, printers (laser and inkjet), plotters, speakers and headphones.

The printable worksheet you can open below is ideal for a starter in a KS3 or KS4 (GCSE) ICT lesson or as an activity to leave for a cover lesson. If students finish the paper-based crossword they will have the option of attempting to tackle the same set of questions in an interactive game.

computer monitor

Crossword worksheet

Click image to open crossword.

Questions covered include:

  • What is used to beam a large version of a computer screen onto a wall or screen?
  • What is a mechanical device that makes movement called?
  • Which devices produce paper-based versions of your documents?
  • The screen you look at when using a computer.
  • A specialist printer used for producing large documents such as architect plans, maps and posters.
Interactive version of output devices game

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