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Published on December 19th, 2009 | by What2Learn


Add a Flash game to Moodle

Once you have made an interactive learning game using the What2Learn game generator there are many different ways you can use it. One way which is growing in popularity is to embed the game into your Moodle Virtual Learning Environment. This is a great way of providing some fun and effective learning opportunities to your online materials.

Step One: Make a game using the What2Learn game generator. This is quick and easy to do – simply select the game engine you want to use and fill in a form stating the questions and answers you want.

Step Two: When you play your completed game you should see some ’embed code’ at the very bottom of the page your game is on. You need to highlight and copy the embed code.

Step Three: Log in to your Moodle as a teacher and go to the subject you want to add your new game to. Then press ‘Turn Editing On’. From one of the ‘Add a resource’ drop-down boxes you should select ‘Compose a a webpage’.

Step Four: Give your new resource a name and a quick description.

Step Five: In the ‘full text’ window, press <> to toggle the view to HTML Source view.

Step Six: Paste in your embed code and save your new page. Your game will now be available through your Moodle VLE.

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