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Published on September 7th, 2008 | by What2Learn


Make your own interactive Flash games and quizzes

It is incredibly easy to create your own interactive learning games and quizzes with the What2Learn game generator. You need no programming knowledge and no specialist software!

Game creator

All you need to do is go to What2Learn’s free game generator, choose the kind of game you want to make and then fill in the blanks with the questions and answers you want to see in your game. The game generator will then instantly create a webpage with your own fun, interactive learning game. You can bookmark this webpage to return whenever you want or you can link to it from a blog or website.

This is a great tool for students to use to develop their knowledge and to test their friends with. Teachers can also use it to create great activities for use during lessons. By creating a bank of these games and bookmarking them, teachers can call them up whenever they are needed. They can also be shared with colleagues.

The types of games which can be created include:

  • Quizzes which require students to type answers to given questions (thus developing spelling accuracy at the same time as enhancing knowledge).
  • Hangman-style games.
  • Anagram-based games.
  • Interactive wordsearch games.

Make some games now!

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