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Published on March 30th, 2013 | by What2Learn


Leaf structure test

For students studying KS3 and KS4 / GCSE Science, you will no doubt face a leaf structure test at some time. Do you know how a leaf is structured? What is the function of each part of a leaf?

You will need to be able to explain the role of cholorophyll, stomata, veins, the wax cuticle, the pallisade layer and the leaf guard cells. Can you explain how gases diffuse into the leaf? What gives a leaf it’s structure?

Play the following interactive learning game. It is an activity to develop your knowledge of the structure of a leaf. You may need to replay the game several times before you complete it. Good luck!

Now see if you can answer the following test questions on leaf structure:

What is the green pigment which absorbs sunlight to transfer energy into chemicals?

What are the microscopic pores which allow carbon dioxide to diffuse into the leaf?

What helps provide structure to the leaf and transport water and carbohydrates?

What is the protective layer on the outside of the leaf?

What is the layer near the top of the leaf that contains the chlorophyll?

What open and close the stomata?

Why are leaves thin?

Suggested revision activity:

Create a PowerPoint presentation about the structure of a leaf. Add an image the structure of a leaf and annotate it to explain what the different components are and what their functions are.

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Summary: A great game for learning the names and functions of the different parts of a leaf.


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