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Input devices – ICT worksheet

Input devices are the tools that we use to get data an information into the computer in a digital format. Examples include the keyboard, mouse, trackball, lightpen, scanner, webcam and joystick.

The printable worksheet you can open below is ideal for a starter in a KS3 or KS4 (GCSE) ICT lesson or as an activity to leave for a cover lesson. If students finish the paper-based crossword they will have the option of attempting to tackle the same set of questions in an interactive game.

Input devices

Crossword worksheet

Click image to open crossword.

Questions covered include:

  • A common hand-held device which controls the movement of a cursor.
  • An alternative to a mouse. You roll a ball to control the movement.
  • Made up of buttons and mostly used for typing.
  • Used for taking digital photographs.
  • A popular input device for playing games.
  • Used for getting sound in to the computer.
  • Used for making digital copies of things on paper.
  • Allows the user to draw using a special pen.
Interactive version of input devices game

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