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ICT / Computing

Published on March 24th, 2015 | by What2Learn


INFO 3 Pre-release 2015 – Un Coup De Main

AQA have released the pre-release instructions for the 2015 summer A2 INFO 3 examination (‘The use of ICT in the Digital World’). These instructions provide clues and guidance for the likely content of the questions in Section A of the exam paper, which accounts for almost half of the marks for the total exam. As such, careful analysis of the pre-release paper alongside the specification and course textbooks can help to focus key areas for revision. Students must obtain copies of the pre-release instructions from their teacher. Teachers must obtain the instructions from the AQA secure website.

This year the theme is a charity named ‘Un Coup De Main’ (UCDM) and through a series of press-release statements students learn about the background to the organisation and the challenges they are facing. The list of topics and questions shown below can be used to provide a guide for focused revision on this scenario. Topics annmix may come up in the exam that are not listed below, but the suggestions provide a good starting point in preparing for Section A. Feel free to copy and paste them so that you can start answering the questions and building up your own revision notes.

Think you know it all? Test yourself against other people online now. We have also set up a rolling quiz based on this pre-release in our multiplayer game room. Click here to play now and develop your knowledge on the topics covered in the 2015 INFO 3 pre-release by competing live against other students now. Please note, our multiplayer zone works on all browsers and all devices except Internet Explorer – if using a PC we recommend you use Google Chrome instead.

Suggested revision topics:

Organisation scale:
Describe the scale of Un Coup De Main

Organisation structure:
Explain the organisation structure UCDM is most likely to use (include a diagram to explain your point). Why will your hayamix.com chosen structure give them the greatest benefits?

External resources:
Definition of external resources

Online donation management
Case study of an online donation management system. Include full description of features and benefits.

Extranet Systems:
Definition of extranet.
What are the components?
What are the benefits of having an extranet?
How are they kept secure?

Accounting systems:
Case study of the features and benefits of an ICT-based accounting system such as Sage.

Definition of hacking:

Legal consequences of hacking:

Prevention of hacking by:



Secure data transfer


Development methodologies:
Linear methodologies (including advantages and disadvantages):

Iterative methodologies (including advantages and disadvantages)::

System lifecycle:
What are the eight steps in the traditional system lifecycle, and what kinds of activities happen at each of these steps?

Data warehouses:
What is a data warehouse?
What are the benefits of using one?

What is a code walkthrough?

What is functional testing?

What is the difference between black-box and white-box testing?

What is UAT?

What is direct conversion and what are the advantages and disadvantages?

What is parallel conversion and what are the advantages and disadvantages?

What is a pilot conversion and what are the advantages and disadvantages?

What is a phased conversion and what are the advantages and disadvantages?

Crowdsourcing and crowdfunding:
Define the terms ‘crowdsourcing’ and ‘crowdfunding’.
How is crowdfunding different to online donation systems like Virgin Money Giving?
Case study of crowdfunding:

Social Media:
What are the benefits to charities of using social media?

Theft of data:
What are the internal threats which can lead to such data loss?

What are the external threats which can lead to such data loss?

Risk Analysis:
What is ‘risk analysis’ and four things does risk analysis involve?

How is a risk analysis calculated?

Security policies:
What are some key common features in security policies used by organisations?

Disaster avoidance:
What is ‘disaster avoidance’?

What is a ‘fault-tolerant computer’?

What is UPS?

What considerations should an organisation make regarding backups?

What is the role of employee awareness in disaster avoidance?

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